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Social media advertising refers to any advertising that takes place on social media channels. Digitella is a channel agnostic social media marketing company that has been brought up within social media. We live and breath social media, knowing exactly what it takes to engage your users in their watering holes

Facebook Ads Features

Refined Audiences

Maximise your return on investment by targeting defined audiences, on channel or custom generated

Powered By Data

The philosophy of any Digitella social campaign. We maximise the opportunities that deliver knockout results

Associate Your Brand

Dazzling creative, unique messaging and in-tune placement will have you brand sitting pretty in your users mind

Unique Ad Formats

Target and optimise based on a huge range of ad types and formats across instagram and facebook

Facebook Marketing Services

Passionate about highly optimised, data-driven campaigns. We’re obsessed with creating results focussed social media campaigns that have a profound impact on your bottom line.

At Digitella, our Facebook marketing experts are here to deliver and optimise engaging social media experiences that generate explosive demand for your business

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See-through Social Media Management

We see ourselves as more of a digital partner than an external Social Ads agency. We craft beautifully tailored dashboards and reports so that you can see exactly where your spend is going and where your customers are engaging

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