Dashboards & Reporting

At the heart of every marketing campaign lies a wealth of data – the foundations of all digital marketing success comes from insights & analytics.  Dashboards are a great way to visualise complex datasets and bring insights to life.

Marketing Dashboard Services

Custom Reporting

Every business is different, and your dashboard should reflect your specific needs – not a generic templated set of reports. From extreme granularity, to top-line overviews we can build a dashboard to suit your teams requirements.

Reporting Automation

Finding yourself pulling the same numbers weekly, monthly or bi-annually for reports? We can help automate the collection and presentation of these metrics.

We Love Data

A good dashboard starts with a good understanding of the final user. We can help your team identify gaps in your current dataset, individual and organisation-wide KPIs and collaborate to build a sleek dashboard that collects all your data, showcasing it in one easily accessible place.

Good Marketing Dashboards Should..

Congregate Platforms

Save yourself from hopping from one platform to another, make your data work for you and assemble in one convenient place.

Emphasise Information

Not all information is created equal, and it's essential that key metrics are highlighted above the clutter of metrics.

Formatted For You

Outside the restricted confines of platforms such as FB Ads & GA4, we can chop and re-format data based on your reporting needs.

Bring Your Data To life

Lets chat Dashboards.

Data-driven Perfection

We’re passioned about sharing data and insights with the world. Let’s make your data sexy again, and get your team excited and involved in tracking progress and performance.