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Micro Scooters is a brand loved by kids and grown-ups around the world – including the United States, Canada, and Europe. While riding their kids’ Micro Scooters on Christmas day, Brandon and Jeremy decided to bring the Switzerland-based franchise down under to Australia and New Zealand.

 Over the first few years of the brand expansion, the pair spent time travelling back and forth, forming strong relationships with retailers across both countries. Today, Micro Scooters stands as a well-established scooter brand in New Zealand and Australia, with over 500 retailers, a booming e-commerce presence, and thousands of happy customers.

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The Challenge

Micro has a strong brand and product awareness. Yet, changes to consumer search behaviour over time had them faced with the challenge of a slow but persistent decline in non-brand organic traffic.

To continue ranking supreme at the top of the SERP, changes had to be made to the way Micro approached SEO.

Keyword Optimisation:

The first step in our SEO strategy was identifying and mapping out high-volume keywords for each page on Micro’s site. Our SEO team conducted keyword research to identify high-value keywords that could improve organic rankings while reducing the cost-per-click (CPC) for advertising.

We segmented the strategy into four sprints targeting the key areas of the Micro Scooters site: Preschool Scooters, Kids Scooters, Scooter Types, and Adult Scooters. We found many opportunities with longer-tail keywords which we prioritised for their supporting pages. We saw significant improvements in Micro’s SERP rankings and page performance by leveraging these identified keywords.

We noticed that ‘toddler scooters’ had a much higher traffic volume than ‘preschool scooters’, a phrase previously used on the Micro collection pages. When we switched the naming conventions to ‘toddler scooters’ we saw a significant increase in performance with this search term seeing a 339% increase in impressions, and the page receiving a 131% increase in clicks Year-on-Year.

Some of the other top keywords that we optimised for were:

3-Wheel Scooters:
– Impressions: Increased by 204%
– Clicks: Increased by 235%

Foldable Scooters:
– Impressions: Increased by 448%
– Clicks: Increased by 475%

Kids Scooters:
– Impressions: Increased by 173%
– Clicks: Increased by 172%

Kids Helmets:
– Impressions: Increased by 117%
– Clicks: Increased by 92%

Internal Linking:

We optimised on-page content through internal linking to pass page authority and establish topical authority. Page authority is the value that Google gives your page based on how relevant it is on a topic and related Google searches, reflecting how well it will rank in the search engine results pages. The higher your page authority, the more likely your page will rank well on Google search results.

We ensured that we created a link silo – the way we group pages on a site that cover a certain topic – between each of the main category pages, as well as the supporting pages to carry this page authority throughout the site. Not only did this help enhance page and topical authority, but this also optimised the user experience of Micro’s site and encouraged deeper navigation.

Backlink Acquisition:

To boost Micro’s domain authority – the score Google gives a website based on how well it will rank on the search engine results page – we pursued backlink acquisition strategies. This involved identifying other websites where there were mentions of scooters that could be linked back to Micro, as well as unlinked brand mentions where Micro was mentioned on the page but did not link to their website.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO):

Between each sprint, we conducted a technical tidy-up which consisted of looking at unfinished optimisations to see what has and has not been done and what needs to be prioritised.

We looked at site health requirements and whether any hidden issues were hindering Micro’s performance. This looked into issues such as broken internal links, duplicate title tags, and JavaScript and CSS tidy-ups. Conversion-rate optimisations were another focus area for our team. This involved digging deep into what we can implement to get more people to purchase on Micro’s site.

These additional recommendations worked hand-in-hand with our content recommendations and backlink acquisition. We built a strong foundation in all aspects of Micro’s website, ensuring that we gained the maximum amount of value from all of the work we had done on their content.


The implementation of our SEO strategy resulted in significant improvements in organic traffic and user engagement metrics across the core scooter pages. Sitewide, we saw a 61.5% increase in monthly impressions and a 74.6% increase in monthly clicks.

It’s one thing to increase visibility within the SERPs, but we also wanted to ensure that we were presenting relevant content that got users to click through to Micro’s site. We demonstrated this in the 7% increase in non-brand click-through rate.

Our SEO team understood how important it was to ensure all aspects of Micro’s site were performing to the best of their ability with this project, not only to improve their ranking but the overall experience for potential customers.


From The Client

Our partnership with Digitella has been nothing short of exceptional. Over the past year and a half, we have experienced a transformation in our digital marketing efforts that I can confidently attribute to Daniel and the incredible team. If you are in search of a marketing agency that truly understand the dynamic landscape of online marketing, look no further!

Digitella are true marketing experts who stay on top of the latest trends and platforms. They’ve managed our Google Ads, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and Social Media Marketing, delivering outstanding results. Our online presence has grown significantly, and their data-driven, creative approach has increased conversions. I also appreciate their willingness to share their knowledge as mentors to develop my professional skills. Digitella isn’t just an agency; they’re a strategic partner committed to our success. Highly recommended!

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