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Bea DND Games


Bea DnD Games are a Wellington-based husband and wife team (Shayne and Nikki) who are passionate about all things GAMES!

The business began when Nikki was looking to purchase female character miniatures to paint. Unable to find a store that stocked female miniatures, she started to import the items herself and sell them to other kiwis via TradeMe.

From this, it has grown from miniatures to collectibles, to board games, to dice, to Dungeons & Dragons , Magic: The Gathering , and other trading cards. Bea DnD now has thousands of units of stock and is home to literally all things games – bringing people together, and their hobbies to life!

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Digitella originally worked with Bea DnD across both Paid Social and PPC. With Bea DnD being a relatively new business, the goal was ultimately to bring in as many new customers to the website whilst maintaining a sustainable ROAS.

We began running Social campaigns in May ’22, and after implementing various account optimisations as well as fresh campaigns and creatives, we achieved a 106% increase in purchase numbers, a 91% increase in conversion value, and a 92% increase in ROAS.

On the PPC side of things, we worked to consistently scale Google ads while also maintaining a strong ROAS. From January ‘22 to January ‘23 we increased account ad spend by 12x while maintaining a healthy ROAS > 10.

After successfully harnessing PPC and Social to grow Bea DnD’s online sales, our next thought was how could we best maximise the value of all of these new customers? So we turned to Email (EDM) Marketing.

Automated Email Flows

We began our EDM journey with Bea DND in September of 2022. Starting with three variations of automated flow emails, each with a different driving motive.

#1 Welcome Flow 

Designed to welcome new consumers to Bea DnD, this flow is triggered when a customer signs up for the newsletter (to receive early access to sales, discounts, and exclusive content). We created this flow to make sure consumers feel valued from their first interaction with Bea DnD, using these emails to introduce the team, ethos and the vast range of products they offer.

#2 Thank You Flow

This is triggered after a customer places an order. If it’s their first time purchasing from Bea DnD, we use this as an opportunity to further introduce them to the brand (much like the welcome flow). If they’ve bought from Bea DND before, we simply confirm their order and appreciate their continued support! By validating the customer’s purchase, we were able to build a relationship and encourage repeat purchases.

#3 Abandoned Cart Flow

Finally, an abandoned cart flow was created to re-engage and encourage customers who shop around, add something to cart, but for some reason, don’t follow through with the purchase. This email flow brings the product back to top of mind, increasing the likelihood of an eventual purchase.

For certain sales we decided to set up one-off email campaigns. For events such as Black Friday, Boxing Day or Waitangi Day, our one-off email campaigns helped us to maximise the value of Bea DND’s pre-existing customers.

We also utilised individual email campaigns to advertise product pre-releases, which were a huge success.

The Result

Email marketing has been a strong addition to Bea DnD’s Digital Marketing mix. With a whopping 54% increase in monthly email revenue, 39% increase in website conversion rate and a 49% increase in total sales since Digitella began EDM work, we are stoked to have been able to create an efficient and profitable long term strategy for the Bea DnD team.


From The Client

The team at Digitella are simply amazing. So creative and so clever.

They impressed us from word go and have been working with us to help us fulfil our dreams.
Cannot recommend them enough – If you need the marketing experts they are the only option to go to!

The Team at Bea DND.

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