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Anna and Joe, the team behind Locomo, are passionate about keeping people moving and loving life! They bring New Zealanders and Australian premium mobility equipment that is both easy and enjoyable to use – providing customers with fantastic alternatives to traditional looking walking aids. The range of mobility aids, all of which have won international design awards, are thoughtful and innovative. And these rollers are stylish too, so Locomo customers feel proud while using one – which we think is pretty cool!

Locomo were already working with Digitella on the paid search side of things when we floated the idea of social as a way of reaching new customers within their niche market. After a few good months on Google, it was apparent that there was a lot of room for them to grow, and due to their products being at the premium end of the market, we suggested social media as a tool to expand awareness of the products and nurture those who were already coming to their website. There was also the intention to expand the number of stockists they had throughout Australia and New Zealand, simultaneously increasing brand awareness.

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Increase customer interest for their stockists

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The social team met with Anna and Joe to begin constructing a social ads strategy, gaining insight into their mission to provide products that set a new standard in assistive technology. This session gave us a solid foundational knowledge of their business and product offering, allowing us to have our best foot forward when it came to developing a messaging approach.

As a result of strong collaboration, we were able to structure our social efforts and develop advertising with strong customer context as to who we were reaching and what they care about.

Audience Targeting

Every Locomo customer’s needs are so different and the targeting of new customers was challenging at first, with the inability to use any typical in-built audience targeting such as demographics or interests to narrow down or segment the target market. We had to utilise Anna and Joe’s extensive knowledge of their customers and their range of conversion journeys to inform our strategy; harnessing external customer data to develop a few broad lookalike audiences (those that share similar characteristics to Locomo’s initial customer base) at the prospecting level.

We sought to market to two key audiences as part of the social strategy: first, the many diverse demographics who use mobility equipment and those who recommend it, such as family, occupational therapists, or other professional advisors. The second audience would also help influence future stockists as another bolster to the customer conversion journey, who would drive these product referrals. When designing our campaigns, these audiences were always at the forefront.

Messaging and Content

The two audiences had very different messaging requirements. For those that use the equipment we wanted the emphasis to be on lifestyle imagery and making mobility equipment sophisticated, sleek, and stylish. For the occupational therapists, professional advisors and subsequent stockists, we used product-focused imagery with messaging centered around the quality design and what benefits patients can achieve with their use.

We were able to obtain a strong idea of what was engaging with our audiences by testing unique variants of messaging and imagery against each other. For example, we tried two types of copy aimed towards the advisors, one was focused on the empathetic side of the brand, and the other, the award-winning, premium nature of the products. We were then able to adjust and build upon these types of insights.

At the retargeting layer we focused on the individual products themselves, harnessing things like a dynamic carousel for those that may have been looking at equipment for their own personal use. For the advisors, we structured a retargeting carousel based on the product benefits for users.

The Result

Our ‘interests’, ‘lookalike’, and ‘advisor’ audiences had extraordinarily high click through rates as site traffic increased week-on-week following Locomo’s first full month on social.

We knew we had hit the right audiences when we saw the level of engagement coming through – with click through rates consistently above 3% and sometimes as high as 10% for certain audiences!

We also saw a crazy amount of social proof, with each ad variation receiving over 100 likes as well as interactive Facebook shares and customers commenting asking questions and tagging friends and family in the advertisements. Our metrics continue to trend positively with thousands of social interactions on our ads, including likes, comments, saves and shares.

Following the campaigns going live, Anna and Joe observed a significant increase in the amount of contacts and purchases, which we saw replicated in Google Analytics tracking. It was so successful that we introduced a similar approach in New Zealand, using lookalikes and splitting them out into advisor’s and users as we had done in Australia. These campaigns are already seeing similar results as its Aussie counterpart! We’re excited to continue working with Locomo to advertise their fantastic equipment, helping those who want to keep moving, getting out, and living social and independent lives.


From The Client

The team at Digitella are not only good sorts, but also experts at what they do – two key characteristics that make them a pleasure to work with.

They turn the art of digital marketing into a science. We stepped into the confusing world of DIY online advertising ourselves for a bit, but we didn’t really know how to drive it. Enter Digitella. They turned our Google Ads account from a second-hand runabout into a Formula 1 race car – but unlike a F1 team, Digitella did it on a very tight budget.

Most importantly, Digitella are honest, listen, adapt, and seek success for their clients.

Joe Wallace
Co-Founder, Locomo

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