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The first organic result in Google captures over 30% of all available searches. The traffic share drops off dramatically for each position below this. It can be difficult to capture the number one spot, but we’re here to help you win that race. Organic traffic is free, why wouldn’t you optimise for it?

SEO Features

Visibility Is Key

Being on the first page of results for the right keywords can transform your business

More Than #1

We do more than just help you rank. We streamline your website experience, making it intuitive for users to convert.

Cost Effective

At Digitella, we love SEO. Why? Because the traffic is free. Unlike Paid Ads, good SEO is a long-term, sustainable growth tactic

GMB Ranking

Create & Optimise your businesses GMB listing to help aid your search-engine domination

Take Your Place At The Top

Search engine optimisation is all about removing friction for users on your site. Being able to clearly communicate your offerings in ways that match users search behaviour will allow you to show up in front of potential customers more often. Our strategy goes beyond content recommendations. Backlinks, user experience and other technical SEO factors are considered to ensure your organic traffic gains are profound, and sustainable.

SEO Services

Keyword Research

Transforming keyword data into rich databases and tools to be used for ongoing content optimisation

Content & Blogs

Identifying content opportunities and education on how to rank your content masterpieces

User Experience

Think mobile first indexing, page speed and load times. We make it easy for your users on all devices

Tailored SEO Solutions

When it comes to search engine optimisation, one size doesn’t fit all. Your Digitella SEO partner is all about your business, your goals and achieving your growth targets. To do this, we take time to research and learn your industry. We’re also passionate about data and visibility. With your tailored SEO dashboard, you will always have complete visibility on the work we’re doing and results we are driving.

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