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Curio Publisher is a award-winning museum software that helps storytellers create engaging interactive exhibitions. Adopted in Museums and Galleries worldwide Curio makes it easy & affordable to share unique interactive stories.

As the world went into lockdown Curio had to pivot its strategy, previously relying heavily on attending events & conferences worldwide. In order to continue their growth and target an international audience, Curio decided it was time to invest in a refined digital marketing strategy.


  • Increase organic visibility for non-branded keywords
  • Implement cross channel marketing strategy
  • Gain visibility on online performance & attribution


The Museum exhibition space is very niche, therefore implementing a cross channel strategy allowed us to quickly compare & measure the success of various channels.


The first piece of the puzzle for any good digital campaign is understanding where your users are coming from and what they’re doing when they make it to your site.

By tagging up all key conversion actions on their site (trials, sign-ups, contacts) we were able to pass this crucial data into ad platforms. This gave us the ability to refine campaigns based on data driven insights.

Google Ads

Targeting a global audience, we created specific campaigns refined by unique use-case of the product. This allowed us to tailor each user’s experience, based on the language and messaging we’re using and their end-experience on-site.

This was crucial to their success, as while their fundamental ‘need’ is the same, art galleries & museum folk value different aspects of the product.

Google ads is now their primary driver of paid conversions, consistently generating trials that can be qualified and brought into the sales funnel.


Linkedin, while being a notoriously expensive channel allowed us to target museum/gallery directors based on their job titles/workplaces.

Testing 12 unique variants of messaging and imagery, we were able to get a good sense of what was resonating with our audience. We then rolled these out into campaigns that simply & concisely explained the value of Curio to its users.

The LinkedIN work also allowed crucial brand awareness with the target audience, a softer target, but nonetheless valuable inside this niche.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

To support Curio’s global outreach, we developed an SEO strategy which has them well placed to capture global traffic from their .com domain, and provided the frameworks which allowed them to dive deeper into country coded domain localisation in the future.

Our strategy included comprehensive keyword research, content recommendations and with other on-page SEO strategies. We also put forth a backlink generation campaign strategy which has Curio well placed to bolster their long-term domain authority.

Finally, we explored other opportunities which would allow them to better serve their content in other countries via a content delivery network and other localisation techniques.

The result? Curio now ranks on the first page for many of their target keywords and their traffic from overseas markets is growing month on month. Specific account sign ups can also be attributed to new countries we’ve targeted, which is very encouraging.

Words from clients:

"We’ve loved working with Bob and Dan; they’re as enthusiastic about our business as we are. I know this is a long game, but we are very encouraged by such strong early results.”
Emily Loughnan
CEO, Curio Publisher