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AddressFinder is an address solution software business that operates throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Address verification and address autocomplete are their bread and butter; born from the desire to improve business outcomes for customers, data quality and the user experience when collecting addresses. They have ANZ’s best address database with some super slick software, providing checkout, form, and bulk address verification solutions to thousands of customers.

Their product, like many software solutions, operates in a tight niche, made even tighter by the geographies they currently target.

They’d seen good organic growth over the last 10 years, but they were keen to see if a growth marketing perspective could help them scale further and increase the impact of their software. AddressFinder came to us ready and eager to expand.

Non-Branded Traffic
+ 0 %
Signup Activation Rate
+ 0 %
Position #1 Rankings
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Increase the number of new signups 

Grow their organic website presence

Increase the number of new paying accounts


When we first started working with AddressFinder in February 2021, we came to them with bold ideas on how we could supercharge their organic traffic and grow their number of new paying signups each month – but we were immediately road blocked with an outdated and inefficient tracking setup.

Their main issues were:

Their tracking system didn’t distinguish between their Australian and New Zealand markets.

Their main conversion point (signing up for an account) was away from their website, which made it difficult to attribute conversions to new or existing marketing channels.

To push our strategy forward, we implemented cross-domain tracking and split out their analytics properties so that we could have clarity on their web performance by individual channels.

Now we were ready to start dialing up the notches!

Our Process

Starting with keyword research, we identified the slight differences and uniqueness in search across their target countries. We optimised all on-page content and supercharged our impact with comprehensive internal linking strategies. We further bolstered our target pages authority via external link outreach.

After these extensive on-page optimisations and link generation methods, we collected the number 1 ranking throughout Australia and New Zealand for their core service keywords. Although these keywords were super valuable from a commercial perspective, they were very niche and relatively low in overall search volume. As a result, we decided to chase more long-tail, demand-generating terms.

With the help of their in-house developers, we created a kick-ass demand generation tool, and the NZ Postcode Finder & Australian Postcode Finder tools were born.

Since their launch, they’ve had over 172,628 organic clicks and together have generated thousands of links from over 161 unique domains. In November 2021, we then achieved the most spectacular results in terms of organic traffic. The tool was ranking at spot no.1 and we saw a 20,000% increase in organic traffic year-on-year!

The Result

After implementing a number of SEO optimisations over the course of the year, when comparing January 2021 (just before we started) to January 2022 – we’re seeing an average monthly increase of:

Non-brand organic clicks up by 269%, signup activation rate increase by 64%, and over 900 number one rankings for unique keywords.


From The Client

We are experts when it comes to addresses but we are not skilled in the areas of SEO or online marketing. It was fantastic to be able to give the team at Digitella an overview of what we were hoping to achieve and let them identify the areas of improvement and implement the changes we needed. We let them take the lead and they have exceeded our expectations. They started by making simple yet impacting improvements which gave us the best outcomes from the smallest costs. They kept us informed of the work they were doing, educated us on why and what the expected gains would be.

Matt Ramsay
Product Owner, AddressFinder

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