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It’s easy for businesses to get tunnel vision when it comes to paid social marketing channels. Over the past year, our Digitella social gurus have been shaking up that mindset among clients – demonstrating how diversifying their channel mix beyond the usual suspects of Facebook and Instagram can help unlock incremental value for their e-commerce advertising.

KAYU Studio has been one of our clients that took the leap and allowed us to branch out their strategy to the virtual vision board – Pinterest.

For those who are unfamiliar, Pinterest is a social media platform where users can collect and organise their interests, inspirations, and ideas in a visually appealing way. Similar to a personalised vision board, users can curate and display their favourite things, whether it’s furniture, fashion, home decor, or anything else that sparks the imagination – which is where advertising KAYU Studio comes in.

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Founded by James Mitchell in 2021, KAYU Studio specialises in bespoke furniture and homeware pieces thoughtfully produced by local artisans throughout New Zealand and Indonesia. The design-led Mount Maunganui store transitioned easily to Pinterest, with high-quality imagery and an aesthetic brand presence making them a great fit for the visual channel.

After conducting research on Kiwi Pinterest users, we discovered that they are primarily interested in lifestyle and home-related content. These users often search for ideas to improve their living spaces. By leveraging the high-quality imagery used by KAYU Studio across Meta paid socials, the brand could encourage users to share and “repin” their content, resulting in more exposure and traffic to their website. Additionally, Pinterest’s search feature enables users to search for specific keywords and phrases related to home decor, making it simpler for potential customers to find KAYU Studio’s products.

Starting in July 2022, KAYU started advertising on Pinterest using the most effective creatives from Meta. These included a mix of Pins aimed at increasing brand awareness, showcasing new collections, and featuring stunning showroom and studio imagery. Among the variations used, many of the static ones proved to have the highest click-through rates and conversion rates.

Meta & Pinterest

With both Meta and Pinterest in the mix, we found that both channels had their own strengths. Pinterest is a fantastic awareness channel, allowing KAYU to reach users for around half the cost of Meta in the same period. On the other hand, Meta advertising had higher engagement, with over double the CTR on Pinterest for the same period.

By harnessing the strengths of both platforms in unison, we were able to decrease CPM’s across paid social by 28%. Plus, KAYU Studio saw an 8% average increase in ROAS and we saw a significant 100% increase in ad clicks! The cherry on top? Attributed revenue shot up by 37%.

Another advantage of adding Pinterest to our channel mix for KAYU is the additional attribution settings available. Facebook’s current conversion settings are limited, with the highest attribution window being 7-day-click and 1-day view. This makes it difficult to attribute and optimise towards more long-tail purchase periods, which is the case for many of KAYU Studio’s luxury products. On the other hand, Pinterest has a greater attribution window, so we are able to report on and optimise towards conversions that occur within a 30-day-click and 30-day-view window. This meant we were able to get greater visibility of our advertising’s true impact on ROAS – able to grow this by 18% with our introduction of Pinterest.

Platform Review

After exploring advertising on both Pinterest and Meta, we’ve discovered some additional benefits that make Pinterest a valuable platform to consider for e-commerce advertising:

  • Lower cost per click (CPC): Pinterest tends to have a lower CPC compared to Meta advertising, which can result in more cost-effective ad campaigns.
  • More visually-focused platform: Known for its visual focus, highly beneficial for clients like KAYU Studio that have an aesthetic look and feel to their brand.
  • Longer shelf-life of content: Pins on Pinterest tend to have a longer shelf-life compared to posts on other social media platforms or meta advertising. Users don’t get fatigued by imagery, in fact, regularly refer back to Pins they have seen or saved. This allows for longer-term exposure and engagement. What we put up as ads lasts organically too, rather than being paused on Meta.
  • Targeted keyword advertising: Pinterest’s platform allowed us to target keyword searches, meaning we’re reaching quality audiences searching for products or inspiration about the products. This is especially handy following any SEO keyword research!
  • Inclusion in organic search results: Pinterest content is included in organic search results on search engines like Google, which can increase visibility for businesses and drive more traffic to their website.
  • Opportunities for organic growth: Pinterest’s algorithm promotes high-quality and engaging content, which can result in organic growth and increased visibility for businesses over time.

The Result

We are super pleased with KAYU Studio’s decision to diversify its paid social channels. Leveraging Pinterest’s visually-focused platform and targeted keyword advertising, has allowed us to reach quality audiences searching for home decor inspiration. Additionally, Pinterest’s algorithm rewards high-quality and engaging content, which creates further opportunities for KAYU Studio among other e-commerce clients, to build organic growth and even greater visibility in the long run.

For KAYU Studio, Meta + Pinterest has proved a winning combo!


From The Client

Working with Digitella is a dream. They have a very in depth knowledge of all things digital marketing. They ensure that all your channels are working together to get the most out of your budget. It’s refreshing to deal with an agency where you don’t just feel like another client.

The Team at KAYU Studio

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