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The Inside


The Inside are New Zealand’s go-to wallpaper people. Since 2009, they’ve been supplying New Zealanders with the largest selection of quality wallpaper, wall murals, and home decor. They’ve been making it feasible for regular Kiwis to get a designer feel and look in their homes for a fraction of the standard industry prices.

We proceeded to work through a number of channels. Our adjustments across key, business-related keywords, images, and categories have now resulted in a staggering 66% rise in organic revenue, a 204% increase in their total revenue, and a 156% increase in total site traffic year on year.

Organic Clicks
+ 0 %
Organic Revenue
+ 0 %
Total Revenue
+ 0 %


Increase in organic visibility for non-branded keywords

Increase in online sales

Improve the efficiency of paid media campaigns

Findings in search trends and demand meant we were able to identify both high converting product categories, collection pages and keywords to build search campaigns around.

Digitella then leveraged these insights to provide recommendations for organic and on-page content, crafting perfectly optimised category and product pages.


Digitella employed white hat eCommerce SEO strategies. This perspective enabled us to optimise The Insides’ eCommerce website, whilst targeting customers with the most relevant product and category pages and, as a result, improving search engine ranking.


We logically organised the site and ensured that the website was properly set up for indexation across all key and product pages. The increase in indexed pages allowed The Inside to rank and collect traffic from a wide variety of product-related terms.

Image SEO

Image SEO was also harnessed as part of the digital strategy. Images contribute to SEO efforts by improving user engagement, website accessibility, and the potential for a large amount of traffic from image-based search by potential customers. We made sure that all of The Inside’s images across the site were optimised for the web.

The Result

Since our SEO implementations, we’ve managed to increase The Inside’s monthly organic revenue by over 60%. These particular adjustments combined with further advertising strategies have resulted in improved efficiencies throughout the entire site and seen a site-wide revenue increase of 204%.

From The Client

Daniel and the Digitella team have been instrumental in the evolution of our business. By tailoring sophisticated advertising and SEO strategies to our business goals and strengths, they’ve help us significantly grow our traffic and revenue. Their approach goes well beyond just numbers and what stands them apart from the Snake Oil salesmen that plague the industry is that they are friendly, approachable, honest and accountable. Our investment in Digitella has paid for itself many times over and I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.”

Adam Hicks
Owner, The Inside

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